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MAMIIU is a Polish family business established by two sisters: Marta Dröge – mother of 8-year-old Pola and economist and Magdalena Brozda – designer with long-standing international experience.

MAMIIU is an affectionate term for Mother. When they were little, this is how sisters Marta and Magda referred to their Mother, who is their idol, inspiration and the source of wisdom.


MAMIIU specialises in manufacturing durable children’s clothing, which combines simplicity, tradition, functionality, quality and the love of nature.
MAMIIU offers environmentally-friendly clothes, created with full respect for the natural environment and people involved in the production process, made of Polish linen.



LINEN if fully biodegradable and waste-free, and its proper growing prevents the presence of heavy metals and other harmful additives. MAMIIU clothes made of linen fabric do not irritate the sensitive child skin, do not cause allergies and are safe for your child’s health. You no longer need to worry about the consequences of sweating or lack of breathability of your child’s clothing. Breathable and comfortable LINEN clothes easily absorb sweat, leaving your child’s skin cool and dry. LINEN is a synonym of your second skin!
The magical benefit of linen, which is not widely known, is that it can be worn all year long as linen is warm in winter and cool in the summer. This thermal property of linen ensures your child is comfortable not only during heat waves.
LINEN is also a very durable and universal fabric.
Linen clothes can stay in your family for many years and be used by the next generations.

Linen is also 100% Polish. We are proud to use this typically Polish and traditional material to make MAMIIU clothes, building on its rich tradition and extraordinary properties.


MAMIIU promotes sustainable fashion by committing to high environmental and social standards along the entire production chain, starting from fibre, through fabric production to manufacturing of clothes. Transparency of the production chain is at the heart of the project.
MAMIIU builds on its local character and Made in Poland label, using only high quality traditional Polish linen from the oldest Polish factories located around Kamienna Góra to make its collection. All clothes are designed and made at a local sewing factory. Short and local production chain as well as direct contact with contractors based on mutual trust ensures continued quality control at every stage.


MAMIIU means children’s clothing and our philosophy for eco-friendly lifestyle that is in harmony with nature. MAMIIU customers are a new generation of responsible and conscious parents who want to provide their kids with natural and healthy products.
The philosophy of MAMIIU includes health, comfort and freedom.


Linen clothing is natural! We make clothes in which children can feel free, happy and can express themselves. Simple design and loose forms prevent MAMIIU clothes from restraining the movement of your child and are comfortable and practical.
MAMIIU loves the natural condition of linen fabric that is prone to wrinkles and creases, which highlights its natural and original character.
MAMIIU clothes gain their form when your child moves. Kids and parents don’t have to worry about creases because health and freedom is what matters here. You can wear our clothes creased and be proud that “it’s what linen is about”.
Our minimalist design, lack of unnecessary decorations makes your children used to being “different” and not paying attention to brand labels and logos. We teach our children to respect nature, quality and tradition.

It is MAMIIU’s mission to promote products that are healthy, original, 100% made in Poland and comply with high environmental standards!



Marta Dröge is an economist who has worked with strategic customers of banks, financial institutions and managed teams for many years. Marta boasts experience in financial analysis, acquiring customers and media relations. Marta has taken the role of a director at MAMIIU and is responsible for the production process, customer service, deliveries and mail orders. Additionally, she manages the accounting and tax matters of the company.
Marta is also the mother of Pola, her 8-year-old daughter who changed her life, perspectives and priorities. MAMIIU collections are inspired by Pola, her way of being, natural freedom and views.


Magda Brozda – it 10 years younger Marta’s sister who brought her love of fashion, art and ecology to the company. She designed the children’s collection. She boasts long-standing experience in fashion, has worked with globally-known designers in various countries, and has created the Worn brand from scratch, which she is also a co-owner of. Magdalena will be designing our collections, and deal with advertising, marketing and collaborate with international customers. Despite her 15-year-long stay outside Poland, her heart and soul are still attached to the country. Magdalena Brozda has graduated the prestigious Swiss design school: Head-Geneva University of Art And Design, where she obtained her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.


Pola is a free, energetic and lively girl who always has something to say. Pola loves nature, plants and animals! She likes to run, the practices karate and loves skateboarding and scootering. For Pola, her everyday functioning requires comfort and freedom of movement.
We designed MAMIIU clothes with her in mind. Delicate Pola’s skin reacts poorly to synthetic clothing available on the market. And she has loved linen from very early age. Pola tested all designs before they were launched and her comments and remarks were invaluable.

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